Optima 4x4 Challenge

1st round Ae Forest

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A bonnet full of trophies in the brief spell of sunshine.

All pictures on this page are courtesy of Ken 'Click' Eggleton

Rod Elwood and Adrian Bartle in a 'Can you see the punch from up there?' sort of a moment. Or perhaps, 'If I keep jumping on this wing eventually it will sink right down to your level' Go on make your own up, it's fun. A 'senior' moment on a steep hillside and events such as the above didn't stop them taking 3rd place in the standards class.


Giles Evans and Paul Howes winching one of the steeper quarry sections on their way to a well earned and commanding first place.




Alan Wormald's long suffering Jeep Wrangler being encouraged to climb just a little harder. Double rigging was the order of the day for most of these sections.




This Vauxhall Carlton engined Suzuki was pressed into service at the last minute to take the place of a Bowler Tomcat that wasn't completed in time. With a 90's winch strapped on the front bumper, Jim King and Phill Birt powered the SJ with its 90 partner to 2nd place in standards class.



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