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To see a report & pictures of any of these events just click the CoR link.

The Bulldog Trophy September 2005. Possibly, just possibly, the best yet. See for yourself.

The Bulldog Trophy September 2004.Words and pictures just follow the CoR 90 link.

The Highland Safari July 2003. Our annual 4x4 foray into the Highlands of Scotland. The highs were high enough to have miles and miles of seascapes whilst the lows were sea level and in some cases slightly below.

Optima Batteries 4x Challenge 2002. The Final. At last the final battle in a long drawn out campaign and finally it's over.

Sand Safari. November 2002. See the 2001 link below as they have been combined as part of a rationalisation policy... (for rationalisation read lazy!)

The Bulldog Trophy with Optima Batteries. September 2002. The top dogs on this years event were the Midlands maestros Giles Evans, Paul Howes in a V8 Ninety teamed with Nick Pym, Steve Gaunt in a 100" hybrid V8 Land Rover. They beat off the stiffest opposition possible on terrain that was all too often literally out of this world.

Scottish Safari. A slower pace for road going motors on this two day scenic safari didn't actually mean less work. It also attracted the attention of my daughter, who subsequently did this report. It's worth a look just to read the younger perspective.

Optima Batteries 4x4 Challenge. 1st round Ae Forest. April 2002. There was no finer place than Dumfries and Galloway to kickstart this years 4x4 Championship into galvanised off road action. Fiercely fought four by four forest action!

Highland Enduro. February 2002, the Kyle of Lochalsh. This was a very special event. Having been comprehensively defeated by the terrain in 2000, then defeated again by foot and mouth in 2001 this time it was a grudge match. Despite all the weather could throw, quite literally occasionally, at us some 4x4's came out on top in 2002.

Tartan Safari. December 2001. East Lothian Scotland. A family four by four adventure safari with scenery and snow galore.

Optima Power Challenge. November 2001. A 4x4 challenge sponsored by Optima Batteries for the bravehearts of the off road world. All filmed for Discovery channel. Club Off Road.... as seen on TV! (Nothing for the moment. Yes I know it's a disgrace, please stop tutting like that!)

Sand Safari. November 2001 & 2002 A fun 4x4 day in the sandy wastes of Aldershot. Unlike deserts this sandy area has water. Lots of it and far too much for one 90, is that the Lutine bell you can hear? (Pictures only for now.)

Tong Off Road Driving Day. October 2001. A monster off road day for a monstrous good time. (Pictures only for now)

The Bulldog Trophy. The biggest and most all round 4x4 challenge of its type. Held in the untamed wilderness that is Drumclog and sponsored by Optima Batteries & B F Goodrich this is the 4x4 event for fame and fortune. (OK. OK I exaggerated about the last two but lots of the 4x4 magazines covered it so there was at least 5 minutes of fame to be had!)

Suzuki Rhino Rally. August 2001. Big brash and bold. Letting herds of Rhinos loose in Tong was always going to be a bit like letting the inmates run the safari park. (Report only)

The Highland Safari. July 2001. You take the high road and we'll take the off road, and we'll have better fun in Scotland than all of you. Ordinary 4x4's but no ordinary event.

Bala Driving Day. June 2001. The oft bleak hilltops of the Cambrian mountains overlooking Lake Bala. Landcrafts site is a firm favourite for 4x4's.

Tartan Trail. Feb 2001. It's the original, it's Scotland and it's brilliant. You can even buy the video!

Shamrock Safari. Dec 200. Do you know what mullockers are? Do you know just how rough the Irish Sea can be in Winter? Do you want to see what stunning scenery the boys from the green stuff (Off Road Ireland!) can offer 4x4 drivers? See this and find out.

Trentham Gardens Driving Day. Dec 2000. Crash, bang, wallop what a picture, what a photograph! What a way to end Y2K!


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