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Team Ireland disappearing into the enveloping mist of the Cheviot hilltops.Picture Ivor Clegg (Team Ireland)


The one that got away. Journeys end for Stewart Oakes and Dave Barchall.Picture Ivor Clegg



It isn't all case hardened 90's and jacked up Jeeps. Tiddler Suzuki's always give the others a run for their money and are rarely not present on the winners rostrum. Here the fire engine red SJ410 of David Howes winches itself up over the edge.

Picture Ivor Clegg



This one's for all the gear freaks. Warn electric winch (8274 I think) with extra drum capacity, and ingenious method of bringing the extra cable into play PLUS (roll of drums and fanfare) hydraulic helper power for when the pull gets really serious. So the electric does the high speed, low weight stuff and then the hydraulic comes in as well once the serious load comes on. Formula One 4x4!

It's beautifully engineered, it's very sexy, it's stunningly effective, it's on a G wagen and it's Tony Baskills.

Picture Ivor Clegg




OK. Just how do they do that? The Dixon family whose land we used, were stalwart supporters of all we did and helped in whatever way possible. That included helping with a quad and that amazing balancing dog. My sincere thanks to all of them for their warm spirited support.

Picture Ivor Clegg.

Andy Mosley and Joe Haigh appear from the undergrowth in their bobtail Discovery set on reaching the punches located over 1,000 feet above them.

Picture Ivor Clegg


If this picture doesn't stir your soul then just accept that off roading isn't for you. Just one small portion of the Bulldog Trophy 2002 site with the mist rolling down seeking its prey.

Picture Ivor Clegg


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