Optima Batteries 4x4 Challenge Championship Final.Tong November 2002

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One half of the winning duo, Tony Baskill and Dave Needhams chosen mount the Mercedes G wagen. Photo courtesy of Steve Taylor.

The meanest Neanderthal Lightweight in captivity is Nathan Arrowsmiths fine coil sprung, diesel engined example. Paired with Pete Turner and crewed by equally prehistoric members Steve Grimshaw and Mark Sutton they are a force to be reckoned with and took 2nd in specials class. Photo courtesy of Gavin Lodge.

Alan Wormald behind the Jeep's wheel, with team mates Richard Ibberson and Vicki Heywood helping out. Don't get all steamy about the bare hands and winch rope. It's Plasma fibre rope and that ease of handling is but one of its great benefits. Photo courtesy of Gavin Lodge.


Come on in the water's fine! Neil Redpaths V8 diesel Ibex making a splash in Tongs infamous water holes. Neil and team mate Steve Barrass eventaully took top specials slot. Photo courtesy of Gavin Lodge.



Stuart Johnsons super smart bobtail Discovery heaving itself from the murky depths of the lake for the worst punch of the whole event. One way was deep and slow the other was steep and slow. as it says, 'Yer pays yer money and takes yer choice!' Photo courtesy of Gavin Lodge.



Simon Buck with Dave Needham (crewman for his team mate for the day Tony Baskill) tackling a cross gully. (Cross? It was positively malicious!) Judicous use of ladders, winches etc. before tackling such an obstacle is one of the keys to getting through all the tasks on an event such as this. Fortune often favours the brave but equally it can exact a time consuming retribution. Those cross gullies weren't put in as aTV style garden water feature! Photo courtesy of Gavin Lodge.



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