The Sand Safari

November 2001 & 2002

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Have you any idea how much time it takes to feed this hungry website? No neither had I! However I've decide to cheat and put two into one here. The pictures of the 2001 event listed below are as relevant now as they were then, indeed many of the faces were exactly the same, especially the Cheshire cats, or is that Max Cats? Once I have some pictures developed the 2002 event will appear in its own right.

Once again many, many people came out to play though not everyone really had understood what we were offering, all of which was clearly laid out in writing. Moral to the story? PLEASE read everything that is sent to you or given to you on the day. Other than that it was quite true to say that lots and lots of people had a good time, endured the afternoons monsoon with equanimity and learned a great deal about the consistency of sandy bogs. We had everything from Kia Sportage to venerable and ancient series 1 LWB with just about everything else in between. Locals were out in force gathering huge mushrooms from under the trees, they looked inviting but my senses told me to leave the mushrooms to the supermarket and hopefully avoid an agonising death due to wrongful identification.

If you would like to try our quiz then see below but the winners were all on the Sand Safari; they were Kate Thurling from Wokingham (Kia Sportage) and Glyn Roberts from Chester (Discovery S2) who tied for 1st place with 16 correct answers each and received CoR goodies for their troubles. (Check your answers at the bottom of the page)


1 What is the opposite of rural and means town? _____________________________

2 Name of the secret society operating from Sicily? __________________________

3 The sign of the Zodiac with a sting in its tail? ___________________________

4 Word to describe a small bunch of fragrant flowers? _________________________

5 205 millimetres x 16 inches is a size description for what? ____________________

6 What nationality is associated with paying for yourself? ______________________

7 In off roading is LSD; A/ a drug B/ Money C/ a traction aid? __________________

8 In off roading is Plasma; A/ a blood type B cutting tool C/ winch rope? _________

9 What falls mainly on the plain? ___________________

10 An army tank connected with red Indians? ___________________

The following are words that can have the answer word either before or after.
e.g. high - rover - common . Answer is Land

11 Half Prop Arrow ___________________

12 Stud Bearing Wobble __________________

13 Wind Silver Smoke __________________

14 Lever Top Ratio _________________

15 Briar Stove Brake _________________

16 Petrol Diesel Gas _________________

17 Belt Dance Light _________________

18 Optima Alkaline Dual _________________

19 Bar Car Harvest _________________

20 Brake Interior Sabre _________________

Suddenly there was a buzzing noise and next thing we were over run with Max Cats. They float like a butterfly and buzz like a Bee. Tony Parrott and motley crew exercising their 6x6's on the Sand Safari. Deep water is just another bit of fun to these amphibians.

Simon Buck of Devon 4x4, and one of the happiest blokes in 4x4, has a saying. 'Better to be a spectacular failure than a dismal success!' It was spectacular alright. His wife Liz had to abandon ship and affix the rope, and she was still smiling as they set off home for Devon. (Note the exhaust still bubbling away at the rear. As long as the engine continues running , and the snorkel is watertight, no harm will come to the engine internals.) Two weeks later that same 90 was half of the winning team at the Optima Challenge.



A bit of follow my leader with Jeep, Range Rover and Suzuki showing a bit of 4x4 fellowship.

Answers; 1/ Urban 2/ Mafia 3/ Scorpio 4/ Nosegay 5/ Tyres 6/ Dutch 7/ C 8/ C 9/ Rain 10/ Chieftain 11/ Shaft

12/ Wheel 13/ Screen 14/ Gear 15/ Pipe 16/ Tank 17/ Fan 18/ Batteries 19/ Bumper 20/ Light.






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