Bala Driving Day

June 2001

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There is an old saying. Once you're in a hole. Stop digging!

Perhaps it's one 'Team Greaves' would do well to remember. I shall refrain from commenting on their logo.


You don't have to, 'get down and get dirty'. You can just as easily get up and stay clean as David Jones demonstrates in his Sportrak.



The 4x4 milk float went everywhere and did everything the rest did. As is the way of its breed, it just did it slowly and with that familiar high pitched buzz only a Haflinger afficienado can truly learn to love.

If it's your first sight of one of these rarities let me tell you that diff locks all round, independent suspension and 5 speed gearbox makes it technologically advanced even if the 2 cylinder air cooled 'boxer' engine has to be on peak revs to produce its mighty 27 bhp.0



Suzuki GV2000. A nicely prepared example to show that these slick Suzukis can still cut it off road as well as their Jimny stablemates. LA Supertrux bumper and winch mount, suspension lift and bigger BFG All Terrains are the main mods. Mike Line hales from the deep south of England so it was no mean road journey either.




The norm where Jeeps are concerned these days is well prepared and extremely well kitted out, and smart too. These two are no exception to that rule. It is, as the stickers say, a Jeep thing. Contrary to what they say I think we do understand.



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