Bulldog Trophy

September 2004

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Dickon Siddall's evocative shot of the unknown warrior. Calm before the coming battle looking serenely out over the gloaming Scottish Borders from the elevated location at the start of the night section.

And then the flag dropped, engines roared and the Saturday night sky was witness to a start of lemming like enthusiasm. Picture Dickon Siddall.


Every picture tells a story, this picture is a still life entitled; Redcoats at Rest. (Picture Dickon Siddall)



Giles Evans and his Ibex making a splash on day one. (Picture Dickon Siddall.)


Keith Hutchings had a pre event feeling that number 13 was not to his liking, and on this occasion he was right. The background contains another 5 entrants navigating their way across the hillside.

(Picture Dickon Siddall.)


Its a long way from Devon to Morebattle but Simon Buck keeps on coming back for more. (Picture Dickon Siddall)

Pushing? or Pulling? Either way it isn't all Land Rovers on the Bulldog and Suzukis should never be under estimated. This is either Craig Langley or John Bagley.

(Picture Dickon Siddall)

Hugh Balfour's 110 shows that size, and suspension travel, can matter.. a lot. (Picture Dickon Siddall)

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