Scottish Safari 2002... of forests, friends and four by fours.

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Dave Logan and his trusty Trooper appear out of 'Dead End Delights' muddy embrace. All part of the Scottish Safari.



This is what the Scottish Safari is all about, hills, heather, views, good company and no 'Marquism'. There is Shogun,Jimny, Trooper, Ninety, Monterey and Discovery all in this small segment of our convoy through Ae forest.



Our first day lunch stop may not have been the most level of picnic sites (according to one renegade Redcoat at any rate) but it had views right down to the Solway Firth.



The Harkness family on tour. To read the broadsheets sniffy letter columns 4x4's only do the school run.....Oh yes???



This is hardly the kind of image that is likely to attract new people to Club Off Road. But then again what you see is often what you get, especially when Phill Thomas is around. (Picture courtesy of John and Hazel Goss... I'll get them at playtime!)






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