Rhino Rally August 2001
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A truly impressive turn out of these sprightly off roaders saw Tongs green and pleasant site humming to the sound of Suzukis. Naturally there was every make and model represented and one thing Suzukis have a plentiful supply of is lady drivers, and they weren't being reticent about their off roading either. Cars were being rammed, rolled and run at high speed...... but luckily that was in the radio controlled car tent where mayhem was the order of the day. It did a roaring trade all day, well it was free like all its counterpart activities, apart from when a thunderstorm threatened overhead. Colin, who was in charge, said he didn't like the idea of 6 kids with long metal aerials in their hands being hit by lightning, Very thoughtful of him but strange that none of the parents seemed too concerned! The grave of Robin Hood is but a few short miles away from Tong as the arrow flies, so very apt that there was archery to be experienced. 'Rhino Ray' Edwards was busy all day letting people attempt to master his reverse steer SJ, some did, most did.... a little bit. Shades of the Banana Splits, and you have to be of a certain age to have any hope of remembering them, were invoked with rides in a 6x6 Max. This involved splashing through the lakes shallows and out to the island to be spun round and returned to base camp, great fun for all the kids, of every age.

Suzuki branded gear was being hauled off the Rhino Club stand like it was duty free on an amnesty day and the queue for free off road rides in the latest Suzuki range of 4x4's resembled the first day of the Harrods sale. The weather threatened mayhem all day but despite rumbling round us, over and us and past us it only actually deposited water on us for one short but seriously impressive display of weather. In parallel with this there were hundreds of Suzukis taking to the off roading like proverbial ducks to water, luckily only a couple did it too literally. The atmosphere was like a carnival day and if there were any sad faces to be seen I only saw them when we did the final roundup to actually get the last few to go home. Once again Club Off Road were priviliged to help run the Rhino Rally with the Rhino Club and even our use of 'other' 4x4's is taken in good part, and not a little ribald comment too, serves us right for not seeing the light really.

(P.S. Pictures will be posted as soon as they arrive. But they were promised for September 2001)



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